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Designs by Stacey Lynn

Custom Handwriting Vinyl Waterproof Sticker - loved one’s handwriting, child’s writing, sentimental gift

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🟥 SUBMIT PHOTOS VIA EMAIL w order number in the subject line:

High-quality, die-cut sticker made from waterproof material. These stickers are a great way to preserve a passed loved ones special words, a child’s first handwriting. Regardless of the special handwriting; the result is a cherished memory that makes a great gift.

These stickers are perfect for cups & water bottles, laptops & computers, glass and mirrors, lockers, ornaments and many other smooth surfaces. Choose car/uv finish for outdoor application.

Choose from Glossy, matte or car/uv. All are laminated for extra durability. The car/uv is our premium, enhanced durability sticker. It does cost a little more, but we promise it's worth it!

Email photos to

• Word limit - max of 25 words - if your message is longer, order the desired quantity to reach the desired words (ex: up to 50 words would be qty 2, etc). Words will be made on a single sticker.
• The clearer the photo, the better the result of the digitally hand-traced text will be. If the handwriting is hard to read, please type it out in your email for best results.
• Handwriting can be re-arranged and made in any color. Words cannot be changed, added or altered.

Orders for famous, celebrity handwriting that may be subject to copyright will be canceled.

Waterproof sticker vinyl.

Stickers are shipped via USPS first-class mail without tracking. Domestic orders may upgrade shipping to add tracking for $3 and receive ONE free duplicate sticker, 2.5”.

941-724-1478 (Call or Text 9am-9pm EST)