Sticker FAQs


Do you remove the background from the image?

If you are ordering a kiss cut sticker, yes, we do!  Once you order, please email the image to We often communicate with you prior to making your stickers, so please be sure to check your email often.  Requests to use a different image after the background has been removed are subject to a $3 surcharge per image.

Your example shows a dog, do you do people too?

Absolutely!  We do people and all kinds of pets and graphics.  Business logos and other non-copyrighted images like kid’s drawings, personal photography, etc. are also welcome!

What is the quality of the stickers like? (Please read, this is important)

First and foremost, the quality is directly related to the image provided. If your image is blurry, older, or if the pet is laying in grass, the final result of your sticker will be affected.  We print at a high print resolution and do not do any exposure or contrast editing to the image you provide. Additionally, be careful to select a photo that doesn’t have ears or tails cropped off, or people that are cut off on the sides of the photo.  Cropped images do impact the overall look of the sticker.  If you image has a complex background (like grass) or has portions of the subject cut off, please check our other listings for a basic shape sticker that might be better suited for your photo.

How long does it take for my sticker to arrive? Important shipping information

Our processing time is 2-4 business days from when we receive the e-mail of your photo. We recommend having your photo selected prior to ordering to ensure the fastest turn around time.  Prior to Covid-19, most first-class mail orders would arrive within a few days.  Since March 2020, orders are taking as long as 30 days to arrive and often get stuck for several days along the way.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding tracking or even priority mail to your order. 

Will you look at my photo before I place an order?

Yes! We would rather ensure that you are using a quality photo for the desired sticker size than for you too be disappointed with the outcome. You are welcome to email or text 941-724-1478.

What can these stickers be used for?

Most commonly, we see these stickers used for water bottles and laptops, but they can be used on pretty much any smooth surface.  Beginning in the fall of 2020, we are also offering UV resistant stickers for outdoor application like business doors and car windows!  Check our upgrades section for additional options!

What size should I order?

My number one recommendation is to measure the item you are putting the sticker on.  If you cannot do that because it is a gift, try looking up dimensions online to ensure you select the best size for your item. Also, be sure to check the drop- down menu and the item description to see the options available for multiple images or stickers. (Most water bottles can accommodate a 3-4” sticker, depending on the ratio of the image)